Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Physically and Mentally Drained

Lately, I've been so worn out. Work has been crazy beyond belief! I find myself going into work earlier and earlier each day, busting my ass and then just wanting to pass out when I get home. Sometimes, I nap. Most days, I find the toothpicks (aka coffee) to keep my eyes open the rest of the night. The list of things to do at work is never ending. That's not such a bad thing though. It pretty much guarantee's job security but it would be nice to have more space, more instruments, and more people to help get the job done. After increasing business by 10x over the past couple years we are in major need of some more hands on deck. However, that will never happen...not yet at least. So I'm just going to keep on keepin' on feeling like a zombie most of the days. I love my job but damn..sister needs a break!

I'll never forget what one of my anthropology professor's told me when I was in school. He said, "You need to break the system or else work/school wins." By this he meant that we need to take personal days off. We need to call off work or skip class every now and then or else we aren't human. We become robots that follow a specific system day in and day out. Now, this doesn't mean to call off all the time it just means to do it if you really feel like you need it. So next class, I see the note on the door, our professor cancelled class. Touché. That's exactly why I took a personal day off work this past Monday. I have PTO days so why not use one? The 15" of snow definitely helped me make the decision to stay home in my comfy bed but it felt good. No matter what day I take off, the daunting list of work will still be there when I go back, but at least I had an extra 24 hours to help me recoup so that I'd return and do even better work. 


  1. Oooh, I like that saying! I'm gonna live by that now, too! (Once I get enough PTO, lol)

  2. Lol! YES! We all need to take advantage of some "me" time every now and again

  3. Lol! YES! We all need to take advantage of some "me" time every now and again


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