Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Painting...with a Twist

Last week, my sister Heather's best friend set up a girl's night for seven of our family and friends. So Friday night we set out to do a little unwinding by painting. Painting with a Twist is a place where you pick a picture you'd like to paint and then there is an instructor that guides you along throughout the entire painting process. They supply the paints, paint brushes, aprons, and even the canvas. You supply the wine! That's the twist. ;) You're allowed to drink while painting! Who wouldn't like that?! Our design was of a cobblestone pathway that has lamp posts and trees along side it. Along the way, I snapped a few pictures to show the before and after of my magnificent creation.

Blank Canvas
You start by making guidelines to sketch out the approximate locations of where the cobblestone pathway will be. By using the edge of the paint brush we were able to create a "whispy" look that represented a sky in the background.

Brush Techniques

This was a three hour long event! Therefore, things can get a little overwhelming and the instructor has to keep moving along, so falling behind tends to happen quite a bit. But when in doubt..."take another sip!" That's one of the rules Painting with a Twist goes by. It helps for people to not become upset or frustrated. They even have an area where you can get up and hula hoop if you just need to get away for a minute.

Middle of the class 

In the middle of class, just for checking in on Facebook. I got this nifty bottle opener! How convenient! :)

Finally, we reached the end! Here's how my finished painting turned out. 

Not too shabby for my very first time at one of this events! The instructor mentioned that we don't have to use the exact colors that she uses if we want to make it more of our own. In our group photo, all of our pictures look very similar, yet the colors schemes slightly varied which made each picture unique!


So there you have it! Three hours later and we each have our very own painting! To learn more about Painting with a Twist, or to find one near you, click here.

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